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[Svo] C - Clip Eliminators {3}

Chris Costanzo wrote:

>         The C-clip eliminators are specified for "Strip and mild street use
> only".  If you have the car as a daily driver or use for autocross racing,
> do not use them.  They do not like turns, and are designed for high HP
> applications were breaking an axle is a possibility.  Their purpose is to
> keep the axle from departing the car if it breaks.  However, I don't think
> that is too much of a problem on an SVO, even a very modified one.  Not
> enough torque.

I *think* (but with pretty good reasons) that the torque a motor makes is
mild compared to the torque spike that occurs due to intertia when the
clutch is dropped.  I think a person's rear axle needs are determined
by the weight of their flywheel/crank, launch RPM, how fast the clutch 
grabs, gear ratio, tires, and weight of the vehicle.  Everything in
that list but the tires and vehicle weight determine how much instantanious
torque can be generated (which for a clutch that grabs infinitely fast,
the instantious torque would be infinite with infinite traction, regardless
of the torque the motor makes...it only has to be rotating, and have mass).
All that assumes a drivetrain with no compliance or "springiness".
If the tires slip, then THEY (in conjunction with vehicle weight)
are what determines the amount of torque being transmitted through the 
drivetrain, because any torque above the amount that initiates spinning
just spins the tires faster...