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[Svo] SuperChips {2}

At 03:03 PM 10/22/97 -0500, Buzek, Michelle wrote:
>Hey Guys,
>What do ya'll know about the SVO chip offered by Superchips?? Do you get
>the performance for the money you spend on one?? I haven't heard
>anything good about them from anyone around here, but all these guys are
>V-8 weenies. I've been thinking of buying the chip for my hubby for
>Christmas, and want to know if it's worth the $$ or should I re-do the
>stock exhaust/do some head work/etc... to improve performance...
>Thanks for your help guys!!
>85 SVO 


Welcome -- I see your name is really Michelle (it has been known to have a
guy use a girl's name just to get a better response) -- glad to know
there's some gals on this list. With all these guys, it gets a little out
of hand.

I have an older 250HP chip in my '86. Playing with the boost -- it's
currently set at 17pounds or so according to my stock gauge. I bought it
used from a guy who upgraded to ETS's MASS Air and FMU (or whatever it's
called), so I got a good value. It's fun.

A guy, Wesley, in New York has called me several times after he put a new
250HP Superchip in his '86 and he said (and I quote) "There's boost all
over the place!!!" Of course, I told him too much of a good thing is not
always good. (Ask Ken Schultz who blew 2 engines recently.) It's been a
month or so, and Wesley called me again.... Still likes it.

Anyway, he ran the 1/4 in a pretty good time (I'll have to find the slip)
considering he didn't launch right, but he's happy. He will take it to an
authorized dealer for re-programming after he does more mods to the engine.
Superchips seems to be continuing to strive to improve the chips, so that's

Some don't like them at all.

That's all I know about that. Visit their Web site for more information,
and I know others will put their 10 cents worth.

Jim Dvorak
'86 Shadow Blue -- 1 of 69 -- Slightly Modified
Mustang SVO...Because there's more to driving than just straight ahead!
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