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[Svo] SuperChips {2}

Hey Jim,

Yes there are a few of us chickies out on the street tearing up the V-8s
!! I love to see
the looks on the guys faces when I get back from winning a race and all
they see is blonde
hair and a big s mile.. :) We haven't taken ours to the 1/4 mile track
just the  1/8 mile, were planning to last weekend but the track was
closed for the
SuperNationals this weekend so we were out of luck...

Right now we usually get about 16 pounds of boost already, so I'm
wondering if
the chip will improve it that much. I'm thinking if I get the exhaust
re-done without
all those stock 90* bends, the air flow will improve and I can get a few
more extra
horses out of that...we have a K&N air filter on and that helps too, but
 other than 
that it's pretty stock. We're real happy with the performance now but
I'm always looking
for ways to improve performance.

Any other suggestions??? (I'm trying to find me one of my very own so I
can quit bugging
him to drive the 85 all the time!!! - Maybe Santa will find me one?!?!)

Michelle Buzek

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>At 03:03 PM 10/22/97 -0500, Buzek, Michelle wrote:
>>Hey Guys,
>>What do ya'll know about the SVO chip offered by Superchips?? Do you get
>>the performance for the money you spend on one?? I haven't heard
>>anything good about them from anyone around here, but all these guys are
>>V-8 weenies. I've been thinking of buying the chip for my hubby for
>>Christmas, and want to know if it's worth the $$ or should I re-do the
>>stock exhaust/do some head work/etc... to improve performance...
>>Thanks for your help guys!!
>>85 SVO 
>Welcome -- I see your name is really Michelle (it has been known to have a
>guy use a girl's name just to get a better response) -- glad to know
>there's some gals on this list. With all these guys, it gets a little out
>of hand.
>I have an older 250HP chip in my '86. Playing with the boost -- it's
>currently set at 17pounds or so according to my stock gauge. I bought it
>used from a guy who upgraded to ETS's MASS Air and FMU (or whatever it's
>called), so I got a good value. It's fun.
>A guy, Wesley, in New York has called me several times after he put a new
>250HP Superchip in his '86 and he said (and I quote) "There's boost all
>over the place!!!" Of course, I told him too much of a good thing is not
>always good. (Ask Ken Schultz who blew 2 engines recently.) It's been a
>month or so, and Wesley called me again.... Still likes it.
>Anyway, he ran the 1/4 in a pretty good time (I'll have to find the slip)
>considering he didn't launch right, but he's happy. He will take it to an
>authorized dealer for re-programming after he does more mods to the engine.
>Superchips seems to be continuing to strive to improve the chips, so that's
>Some don't like them at all.
>That's all I know about that. Visit their Web site for more information,
>and I know others will put their 10 cents worth.
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