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[Svo] SuperChips {3}

On Wed, 22 Oct 1997, Jim Dvorak wrote:

> Sounds great!!!
> I do need to clarify, the Superchip does more than provide more boost...it
> provides more boost in all gears, and changes the rev limiter somehow. And
> tons of other adjustments. Get other feedback. Again, some don't like them.
> Some love them.

Doesn't the superchip acheive higher boost by using a air bleed off?  
>From my opinion, about the only thing worth the darn on a Superchip is the
rev limiter.  and I tlaked to superchips and they said they would make a
chip for me that ONLY raised the revlimiter for 80 dollars, which means I
dont need to spend the extra 250 dollars on their screwed up fuel/spark
tables.  But if your buying a superchip to get the higher boost pressure,
save yourself a ton of cash and get a valve from Home Depot..  There are
only so many ways to vary a needle valve, and the superchip is nothing

> A 3" downtube or a whole free-flowing exhaust is a great way to start.

well, a 3" downpipe is not gonna do anything unless you get a bigger cat
back.  if your not gonna put on a lager cat back, dont waste the time or
money on a downpipe.  On a stock exhaust, a 3" downpipe makes an expansion
chamber.  And while expansion pipes are good on a 2 stroke dirt bike, I
dont know what they do for a 4 cycle:)

> depends on your smog check laws. ETS has a complete 3" with cat ready to
> bolt-on, but I haven't seen it yet in person. SVOOA Regional Director Neil
> Chirico is working on a deal for SVOOA members to get the currently
> unavailable stainless steel Borla systems on a limited basis -- stay tuned

Plus Chris Roth really beleives in his ATR exhaust I beleive too.

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