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[Svo] Take-Off {1}

Hey Guys,

Thanks for the great info on my last question....after all the responses
I've gotten, I think 
we'll go with the Borla Exhaust in a few months and see how that helps.
Right now we have
a Flowmaster with a 4" tip and like I said before, the car runs great
now so there's really
no rush...I guess I'm just itching to spend that Christmas bonus!!

I have another one for you racing pros...what's the best technique for
getting of the line while
you're racing?? I'll heat my tires up some but still have tremendous
tire spin off the line. I guess
I have to get the RPM's high enough for the turbo to kick in, but the
tire spin is way too much..I 
probably lose at least half a second off my time. Last week I spun so
much so fast I hit the rev
limiter (how high is that sucker set??) and the turbo shut down...I had
to do some recovering and
ended up winning anyways (a 302 Formula) but want to really get into
bracket racing and have been
working on consistency.

Any clues?? (I hope you guys don't think this is a stupid girl
question!!!) ;)

Michelle Buzek

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