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[Svo] T-Bird 2nd fan/overheating {2}

On 22 Oct 97 Ralph Linares, SVOFAN1@classic.msn.com writes:
>Barry thank you for your tip I will try it over the weekend. 
You are welcome.

>My problem is . . . the temp gauge goes all the way to hot while driving
>stop and go traffic. 
My previous '88 with the A4LD and my current '88 with the T-5 both
behaved similar to this.  Although they did not "go all the way to hot"
when the guages were working properly.  Close, but not all the way.  This
is a common, but annoying, beahavior.

There is a resistor(? or something) which controls electricity to the
fuel, temp, and oil pressure gauge.  This thing wacked out enough that
there was a TSB on it.  Watch your other guages and see if they read
higher than normal when your temp is going "too hot."  This really
freaked me out when it first happened, then I noticed the pattern of the
three guages which were not themselves measuring electrical flow.

>The top fan goes on all the time but the bottom does not. 
I presume you mean often, not that the fan is always, all the time,


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