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[Svo] Stuff {1}

Scott wrote:

>Plus Chris Roth really beleives in his ATR exhaust I beleive too.

I like the ATR system but it is getting louder, not much though.  I think
the best was to go for the 85.5-86 SVO exhaust is the Classic Corral
downpipe ($129) and the ATR exhaust ($495) but the only problem with that
is that the downpipe does NOT have a CAT.  

I am beginning to wonder if my 86 SVO (not orginal owner) has a different
cam than stock.  For the limited modifications on the car it sure runs
fast, especially for having a rod knock.  Those modifications include the
K&N Cone, TC Intercooler, 17psi and the exhaust mentioned above.  

I was able to get rid of that miss under high boost.  The plug wires were
the problem.  I had Autolite 9mm on there and it was starting to miss above
12psi.  I switched to the MotorCRAFT wires for the 2.3Turbo and the car
runs better than ever, more ET? Hopefully more mph at the trap.

I also learned another lesson that has been beat to death on this list.
Last year, before I was on this list, my wife's 85 SVO would not run when
it was cold in the morning.  I adjusted the Idle (which was way off) and
installed a Napa TFI.  Well it last for about 9 months.  It was again
having problems with cold start idle this past month so I installed the
Motorcraft TFI and problem solved.  Dave, chalk another one up for bad
stories on aftermarket the TFI.

Chris Roth 
85 SVO (Bright Red)
86 SVO (Silver Metallic)