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Since the listserver munched my last send of this, I thought
I'd try it again...
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Chris Roth wrote:

> I am beginning to wonder if my 86 SVO (not orginal owner) has a different
> cam than stock.

>From a recent post of Dave's it seems that on a stock motor, the stock
86 cam is within 5hp of the Engle.  It's the early motors that get a
big gain when you replace the stock cam with the Engle in a stock motor.

> I also learned another lesson that has been beat to death on this list.
> Last year, before I was on this list, my wife's 85 SVO would not run when
> it was cold in the morning.  I adjusted the Idle (which was way off) and
> installed a Napa TFI.  Well it last for about 9 months.  It was again
> having problems with cold start idle this past month so I installed the
> Motorcraft TFI and problem solved.  Dave, chalk another one up for bad
> stories on aftermarket the TFI.

Or you improved the connection to the TFI by pulling one out and putting
another one in.  As was pointed out to me, replacing the TFI and things
getting better doesn't necessarily prove the TFI itself was bad, it could
just be the connections.  Especially in your case, since the problem
wasn't related to excessive heat...


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