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[Svo] Take-Off {2}

I am not a racing pro, but I have run a few laps at the track.

>I have another one for you racing pros...what's the best technique for
>getting of the line while you're racing?? I'll heat my tires up some but 
>still have tremendous tire spin off the line. 

The 85 is, IMO, harder to launch than the later turboed 86.  The turbo does
take more RPM/load to spool but when it does hit, the tires are smoked.  I
have found with my 85 SVO (wife's car) that I launch with NO burnout, hold
the RPM at 3000rpm and on the first yellow I full throttle it and dump the
clutch on the third yellow.  This gets me off the line without totally
trashing the tires but I have 245/45ZR17 Gatorbacks on the car plus 3"
exhaust and the TC Intercooler.

> but want to really get into bracket racing and have been
>working on consistency.

If you want consistancy, purchase a set of DOT sticky tires,  they are
street legal for the street classes and will really help with the launch.
The problem with these tires is that they are a lot taller which takes some
of your torque away.  Nitto tire is coming out with a drag radial that is
the same size as the normal tire 225/50R16.  This will mount up on your
stock rim and give you the stock look to the car but should make the car
really stick.  The tire is due in the US in late November.  Turbo magazine
is/has done some testing on the tires and should be in their magazine soon. 

Chris Roth 
85 SVO (Bright Red)
86 SVO (Silver Metallic)