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Re: [Svo] Take-Off {2}


   Do you have any photos of your car on the web?  I'd like to see your 
17" rims!  I'm looking to get something like the Cobra R rims for my 86 
SVO.  I've found some that look "similar", but they are quite right.  
Close, but no cigar!  Do you have any rubbing problems with the 
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> I am not a racing pro, but I have run a few laps at the track.
> >I have another one for you racing pros...what's the best technique 
> >getting of the line while you're racing?? I'll heat my tires up some 
> >still have tremendous tire spin off the line. 
> The 85 is, IMO, harder to launch than the later turboed 86.  The turbo 
> take more RPM/load to spool but when it does hit, the tires are 
smoked.  I
> have found with my 85 SVO (wife's car) that I launch with NO burnout, 
> the RPM at 3000rpm and on the first yellow I full throttle it and dump 
> clutch on the third yellow.  This gets me off the line without totally
> trashing the tires but I have 245/45ZR17 Gatorbacks on the car plus 3"
> exhaust and the TC Intercooler.
> > but want to really get into bracket racing and have been
> >working on consistency.
> If you want consistancy, purchase a set of DOT sticky tires,  they are
> street legal for the street classes and will really help with the 
> The problem with these tires is that they are a lot taller which takes 
> of your torque away.  Nitto tire is coming out with a drag radial that 
> the same size as the normal tire 225/50R16.  This will mount up on 
> stock rim and give you the stock look to the car but should make the 
> really stick.  The tire is due in the US in late November.  Turbo 
> is/has done some testing on the tires and should be in their magazine 
> Chris Roth 
> caroth@holly.colostate.edu
> 85 SVO (Bright Red)
> 86 SVO (Silver Metallic)