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[Svo] Thanks Dave Compton!!! {2}

Why, thank you Jim, for the splendid subject line!

Sorry the list was down for so long.  Crappy software developers should be
forced to drive Big Wheels in traffic.   The mail server is at the ISPs,
which isn't close, or convenient to my normal travels.  And I was snowed
from all other directions at once. So I just didn't get over there to fix
it. Again, sorry.

I have now loaded the latest version of the Mail server software, MDaemon
version #(try this one and see if it works).  It seems to have fixed our
problems and also added some nice features, like the threaded, sortable,
subject lines, along with other neat stuff.  Geeky factiod: when the list
came back up, all the messages queued on the ISP's mail system were sent to
the list at once.  During this period, it delivered over 2000 messages an

For those who like to bash Microsoft, consider this.  The operating system,
(Windows NT v4.0 w/ all service paks and hotixes), the Web server (Internet
Information Server 3.0). and the FTP server (Dittto) have all performed
flawlessly, since the server was installed. Mail server packages are not
this robust in our world though.  But time will flush out the bad ones and
the good ones will prevail.   The only time I have ever had to reboot the
server, was when mail packages hung.  

Soapbox mode On: 
Netscape, Dept. of Justice, get a clue and back off.  How about RETURNING
TO THE investigation of that lying, slick Willie and his hench-wench? 
Soapbox mode off...

> My week has gotten brighter with the SVO List back on....now where do we
> send software donations???

Actually, donations of spendable time would be very helpful.  Anybody got a
couple of months they can spare?

The TC list had actual traffic last week.  Keep it up!

Edit your replies, sil vous plais....

Please update your links from my sig line below for subs to the list,
ESPECIALLY on your web pages!

And PLEASE, if the list goes down, don't assume you were the target of my
tyrannical wrath.  I got lots of messages from people saying, "What did I
do to piss you off this time?"  :))))) 
Note: this is supposed to be funny....

The club thing is in limbo, because I'm strapped for time.  I need an
administrative volunteer.  Anyone?

I also need people with web authoring skills.  I have lots of web projects
at the moment, and the non - paying ones, like this list, and the 2.3 club,
just sit on the back burner.  I specifically need cgi script writing
experience, with forms, and databases.

BTW, if you do a search on "SVO listserver" on the Excite search engine, we
are the number one hit!
DUH, but it's cool anyway....

Oh and I rebuilt my home page, in case you get as bored as I was without
SVO list mail.....

Home Page:    http://www.SmartWorx.com/DCompton
Subscriptions to the SVO or TC Listservers: