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[Svo] TC suspension {2}

On 22 Oct 1997 "Jason Kuttner" <cdrmaster@hotmail.com> writes:
>Barry, I have the same exact question.  . . .  I desperately want to
replace >the struts and shocks with NON electrical units, but heard
something about 
>having to replace the strut mounts?? Can any shed any light on this one?

Yes, that's what I've come to understand also, but only just in the last
day or so.  The way I understand it, as it was confirmed to me by my
favorite shop's manager, it will cost about the same to do electronics as
it will to replace the mounts and go old-fashioned.  Therefore the only
savings would come when the old-fashioned ones need replacing many moons
from now.

>Any suspension experts, please advise.. it will be ALOT cheaper to go 
>with non electric struts and shocks. 

See above.

>I don't think they do a single thing better than standard parts, as my 
>neighbors 88 lx tbird with a V8 purs like a kitten along the wrong, and
> ride is very harsh.

I confess, I like having the option of "float or FIRM" and I LOVE
flipping that switch from Automatic to FIRM when I'm in the "mood to
move" and feeling the car tighten up under me!!  ;-}



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