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[Svo] exhaust {1}

For those of us on a budget, and wanting duals, or replacing duals here's
what I found:
About 2 years ago, I ripped both mufflers open while driving my ''86
somewhere I should not have been.  The tailpipes were looking pretty ragged,
so I decided to replace from the cats back with stock.  Ford wanted
$350.....per side!.  Put on the thinking cap, and having some contacts at
local salvage yards, started calling around.  (I knew better than ask for
SVO) What I found was a very low mile R & L 
exhaust w/stainless tips off a '93 5.Slow LX.  Paid $50 for the both, cleaned
& polished the tips, painted muffler and pipes w/hi temp silver, took em to
the muffler shop, and $50.00 labor later...perfect fit. Looks like OEM to the
SVO, Too. 

Dwayne Parker