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[Svo] Rearend Question {4}

> > I don't know if the Motorsport Traction Loc diff is allowable in F
> I  haven't looked at the rules.  
> I THINK that the FMS part *is* the service part, so it should be legal 
> (sheer guess).   
> Unless it is The Same as came from the Factory, it isn't FS legal. 
> You'd have to go through some pretty tortured steps to find an uprated 

What I'm getting at here is that I don't think you can get the Eaton Diff
anymore.  THe FMS is no different than the one that comes in a Ranger, or a
later SVO.
So if you break a part, how they can they NOT let you run the only
available replacement?

We definitely need to be reclassed.  This is one of the proposed action
items for the club.

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