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[Svo] New to list, lots of questions... {1}

So, I'm new to the list.  I've had my 86 for a year.  It took me almost a
year and a few $ to find I had a flaky BAP sensor :-(   Now that its finally
running right I can move on to other things.

My questions

Does anybody know how to tell whether an EEC is for the 85.5 and 86.  When I
bought the car it came w/ a spare EEC.  I was told the one I had in the car
was the 85.5.

Supposing that I have both, which one should I use?  I am aware that the
85.5 produces a slightly higher output, but is it better.  Why the dial back
in 86?

On the subject of which one to use, I believe in always looking at things as
a system.  So , here's what is no longer stock:

o    FMS Roller cam
o    Big valve head, ported and polished (I guess it's a BVH, valve
     sizes are 1.59 and 1.89)
o    Dual 2" Borla cat back
o    K&N sitting on the shelf (I have mixed feelings about the K&N)

The cam has an adjustable sprocket.  Would I want to make any changes from
the 0 setting?  If so, what?

What other reasonable (keeping the car steetable) mods might I want to make
other than tweaking the boost?

Lastly, is there an FAQ?

Carl Haines