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[Svo] Thanks Dave Compton!!! {5}

In an attempt to beat down a flame, might I suggest that we limit our  
discussion on this list to the thing we are here for, which is the SVO 
I *really* don't want to hear people's software/vendor preferences here. 
I'm going to bite my tongue and NOT share my opinions on server hardware,  
OS, mailer, mailing list package, web server, distributed object technology, 
favorite character set, preferred backup device, mail reader, news reader 
or web browser. 
I want CAR TALK, dad gummit.  Unless/until someone is running UNIX or NT 
on their EEC-IV, I don't want to hear about it. 

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> Dave,
> 	The only reply about NT that I have is the license plate on my Corvette.
> 			"NTWORKS"
> -Weber

Funny, mine says "NUKE-NT" (ok, ok, maybe it's really "NUKE-GM")


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