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[Svo] New to list, lots of questions... {3}


Maybe I used poor wording, These are the mods I already have.

>>o FMS Roller cam
>>o Big valve head, ported and polished (I guess it's a BVH, valve
>> sizes are 1.59 and 1.89)
>>o Dual 2" Borla cat back
>>o K&N sitting on the shelf (I have mixed feelings about the K&N)

>The Borla exhaust systems are being reproduced very soon on a special
>agreement with Borla -- we will keep you posted, and you can find out more


>You can have a good shop build you the equivalent of a Motorsport head --
>e-mail me direct if you missed my post the other day about this.

>And what symptoms did you have regarding your BAP -- I'm sure the rest of
>the list (as would I) would appreciate this. And how did you go about
pinpointing the problem?

I will definitely post about the my problem BAP

Carl Haines
86 SVO

PS    If any thing appears funny about the format of the message, I'm going
to have to blame MS Outlook Express (part of the IE 4.0 upgrade) I set it to
add a ">" in front of the original text.  It doesn't appear to be doing that
so I added it myself.  Sheesh another bug with MS IE 4.0!  I may have to
return to 3.02.