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[Svo] Codes on 87 TC {2}

> Hello,
>  I have an 87 TC and checked the codes that came up on my scanner. The
> codes I got were,21,25,34,and 77.Now  21 I know is a code for the Engine
> Coolant Temperature sensor. I don't know why this would come up when I

Lotsa codes.

This car ain't warmed up and the test is not be performed correctly, I'd

Car must be at operating temperature.  So idle it for 15 minutes or drive
it for 5.

After the ident code two flashes, then there is a little blink, floor the
throttle then.  This will satisfy the WOT and the KS codes.  The ECT and 34
codes were cuz the car was cold.  

This info shoulda been in the code reader book.

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