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[Svo] Show Judging Question {2}

Rod Lilak wrote:
> Has anyone on the list participated in a Mustang show as a judge or exhibitor ?

Over the past few years I have participated in several shows, both as a
judge and exhibitor ( somewhere in the neighborhood of 15-20 shows a
year). The main group in promoting these Mustang shows is MCA (mustang
club of america). They lean towards the 'stock' form of a Mustang. Tho,
they do offer a modified class...as well as a daily driven class (which
doesn't require you to open your hood) and Occasionally driven..
(usually just at National shows)...in which you're judged for
cleanliness & workmanship.

I showed in a National this fall..I was docked points for having the
incorrect sun visors. Mine are cloth (sunroof car) and was told I was
suppose to have the vinyl type material (same as the headliner in a
sunroof SVO). This confused me...my sunvisors are the originals. A few
weeks later...at the Ford Expo in Ohio, 21 SVOs showed up. Several with
sunroofs...half had cloth sunvisors..half had the vinyls. Just goes to
show, even Gold Card Judges are wrong. Seems Ford didn't have specific
visor for the SVO...sunroof or no sunroof.

>If so, how would some of the typical mods discussed here (exhaust, for >one) affect the overall score ?

Depends on the Judge or written standard for the class. Showed once with
the Cobra...and was deducted a point for EACH header, EACH cat missing,
and EACH muffler. I asked his reasoning behind this....his answer was
the cars were too close in the cleanliness part, so he was going back
for originality. As I judge, I would never deduct for this unless it was
in a 'concours' class. Alot of Judges like to pretend they know more
than they do...for them MCA has developed a certified test, once you
pass the test (certain test for certain years), then you have to work
with 3 different Gold Card judges ...only with their O.K. will you get
your Gold Card Cert. Which allows you to judge 'concours' cars. All
'concours' judging sheets have a written standard for the car....so no
matter what judge or what show...you're still judged the same. Great
concept, but it doesn't always work either.

MCA has a web site : 

My local club (Music City Mustang Club) is hosting the Grand National
show for 98' in Nashville, Tn. (Labor Day weekend) Hopefully we'll see a
bunch of SVO's there.

Gary Alsobrooks (SVOOA/TN rep) is planning a SVO mini meet in
conjunction with the SAAC/TN show held in the spring, also in Nashville,
TN. I'll post futher info on this when Gary passes it along to me.

Just last weekend was the SVOOA South Cental Regional show/track event,
held in Arkansas. Only 5 SVO's showed up, but we had a heck of good time
at the SCCA track event held there. Awesome track!! I took some pics but
haven't had them scanned yet.

Bud Morton
86 SVO 2R (featured in Mustang Monthly 9-97 issue)
85 SVO 4E (former Hertz rent-a-car, undergoing restoration)
94 Cobra #1506