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[Svo] Clutch Problems {2}

No, but try not downshifting. You are not suppose to, besides extra wear
on the tranny and clutch, also the engine. Brakes are a lot cheaper.

84 SVO, Silver

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>Subject:	[Svo] Clutch Problems {1}
>Well, my SVO got a piggyback ride home today via Rollback. I was headed down
>Rt. 3 in southern MD when I was downshifting while coming to a toll booth. As
>I went for 1st gear(did not engage it, just as I started to go into it) I
>heard a "POP" and then there was nothing, nothing at all. Clutch pedal still
>had pressure. Upon getting it home I checked the cables>no problems there. I
>went to pull the rubber boot off the bellhousing and bits and pieces of
>clutch disc fell out. So now I am on my way to get a new clutch kit from
>Ford. My question is, has this ever happened to anyone else? Anyone know the
>cause or reason why this might have happened? The clutch assembly came in the
>car when I got it but looked new when I replaced the rear main seal a couple
>of months ago so I left it alone. The car sat a long time before I got it,
>Could age of the clutch disc play a part in this?  Just looking for answers
>to help avoid this in the future. I have not pulled it apart yet, that
>happens tommorrow morning.
>Thanks, Paul
>Bright red 86 (as seen traveling up Rt. 3 on a rollback)