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[Svo] Codes on 87 TC {2}

J House Jr. wrote:
> Hello,
>  I have an 87 TC and checked the codes that came up on my scanner. The
> codes I got were,21,25,34,and 77.Now  21 I know is a code for the Engine
> Coolant Temperature sensor. I don't know why this would come up when I
> just replaced it (NAPA Part) last month. Any ideas ??  Code 25 is stating
> that the Knock Sensor was not detected during the test. I've had this
> come up before but didn't pay any attention to it because it was replaced
> also about three months ago (FORD Part). I checked the connector and
> everything seems connected. Code 34 is stating there is Insufficient EGR
> Flow. Before I bought this car a year ago, Ford replaced the EGR and
> Catalytic Converter  for factory recalls. Could this EGR valve be bad
> already? I will be taking the Intake off this Sunday to put in
> another(see you Sat. SS) set of injectors. Is there any particular thing
> I should look into while the majority of that stuff is off ? Last but not
> least, I had a code 77 come up which is "Wide Open throttle not sensed
> during test " . What is this mean ? Does this have anything to do with
> the TPS Sensor ? I would appreciate anybody's response. Like I've said, I
> have seen a couple of these codes before and let them go but now the car
> is having problems with idling. When at a stoplight, the car all the
> sudden will start a rough idle. Almost like it has a popping sound to it.
> It doesn't surge up or down, just flat out drops a couple hundred rpm's
> at a time. I'm going to buy a new TFI from one of the guys on the list
> pretty soon, because from what I've read this piece causes a lot of
> similar problems without showing codes. I appreciate any body's time that
> will respond.
> Thanks,
>   J.House

     Check and see if your car has a thermostat. Also check the temp
rating of it. The correct "stat" is 195 degree. A cooler or a stuck open
thermostat will generate this code.

John Garasimowicz '87 TC