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[Svo] Merkur XR4Ti 5-speed {1}

Hmmm....so much for that idea I guess. 

Okay Jeff, this is going to make me sound stupid, but if the XR tranny will
need to much bastardization to fit the TC, how in god's name did you put the
T-5 in your XR without doing the same? I mean, they must be CLOSE. 

Dave, I had pretty much decided to use everything, except the clutch/brake
pedal assembly, because it definatly won't fit. But one from a Mustang
should, and I have almost unlimited supply of those to pick through. I do
need to beef up the driveline of this car though. The A4LD is a crappy
transmission, and I've already detonated it once, and it was a huge hassle
and expensive for me to rebuild. I can pretty much get my money back out of
it when I sell it. A stick shift is the only way to go. I know my car won't
be original anymore, but at this point I don't much care.

So I guess my next question is, I should be able to use the ECC from the
Merk as long as I use the Vane air Meter that goes with it, right? That
alone will pay for the cost of the Merk, not to mention the engine is in
pretty good shape, I could use the parts, or part it out......

You all have to forgive my ignorance if I'm way out in left field, this is
the first "modern" car I've ever decided to seriously modify. I'm more used
to the good ol' dirt-simple carburated vehicles......

James Johnson

'87 Thunderbird TC
'85 Merkur XR4Ti