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[Svo] Clutch Problems {4}

I'll sidestep any downshifting debates, but I've seen several organic clutch
linings go completely to pieces when exposed to even small amounts of oil or
transmission fluid.  Didn't the original poster mention recently replacing a
leaking rear crank seal?

The failure mode is also rather sudden: My neighbor's brand new Ranger truck
clutch was working fine one minute and then literally dropped dead in his
driveway. When we got it apart, the tranny side of the disc had no lining
what-so-ever, it was all in pieces in the bell housing.  His tranny rebuilder
had folded the input shaft seal, and to add insult, he told him to overfill the
tranny to prevent a bearing starvation problem.

Gary Morrell

On Oct 24, 12:30, DBROWER.US.ORACLE.COM wrote:
> Subject: [Svo] Clutch Problems {3}
> >No, but try not downshifting. You are not suppose to, besides extra wear
> >on the tranny and clutch, also the engine. Brakes are a lot cheaper.
> If I didn't want to downshift, I woulda gotta V8!  With these
> you need to love heel-n-toe double-clutching to get the full benefit
> of the powertrain.
> You were joking, weren't you?  I don't downshift to slow down,
> but to be ready to go fast when I get to the apex.  You aren't
> good at this when you need to be unless you are practicing when
> you don't really need it, like slowing down for the toll-taker.
> -dB
>-- End of excerpt from DBROWER.US.ORACLE.COM