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[Svo] Clutch Problems {3}

At 02:16 PM 10/24/97 -0400, Chris Costanzo wrote:
> I went to pull the rubber boot off the bellhousing and bits and pieces of
>>clutch disc fell out. 
>        The `84 TC i just bought did that when my friend still owned it.  He
>downshifted to make a turn and BOOM!  He said the tranny made all kinds of
>noise and then the car just wouldn't move.  He thought the tranny went.
>When I pulled it apart, the cluch disc was nothing but a metal plate.  All
>the friction material was laying in the bellhousing.  I think it's just a
>design flaw or something.  These clutches can't hold up to the power.  My
>`79 turbo did this too, but that had the 8.5" clutch.
>        Your best bet is to install the Motorsport clutch, or maybe a
>                                                Bug Bug 

For an SVO I have a Motorsport pressure plate, with a disc and T-out
bearing for sale if anybody's nterested. I recommend that, or the
Centerforce II if you have the bucks -- just like Bug Bug said.

Contact me directly on the clutch parts; for discussion on what clutch to
buy, visit:


Jim Dvorak
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