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[Svo] Show Judging Question {2}

At 10:34 AM 10/24/97 -0600, Rod Lilak wrote:
>Has anyone on the list participated in a Mustang show as a judge or
exhibitor ?
>If so, how would some of the typical mods discussed here (exhaust, for one)
>affect the overall score ?
>I know that a few years ago some of the Shelby cars that were exhibited all
>had performance mods of one kind or another, but that didn't seem to affect
>the scoring one way or another.
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All of the shows that I push for our regional members are "People's Choice"
shows -- where they don't give a Rat's behind about whether or not the
correct visors are in the car or not  (assume the MCA judges know).

People's Choice pretty much means what looks good gets the trophy...which
to me doesn't matter anyway.

What I get out of showing my car is meeting other owners and talking about
my SVO. 

Some day when I get a corral of SVOs and I have one with no miles to show
concours, I may care. But most of us have daily driver-types and they're
more than welcome at People's Choice shows. 

Try it -- it's Fun!

Speaking of car shows, Sunday April 19, 1998 is the next Faboulous Fords
Forever at Knott's Berry Farm -- nearly 2,000 Fords in one place!!! And
there's no judging at all -- just show up and have fun (just register in

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