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[Svo] Need info. on changing roller cam timing {2}

When JBA did the testing on camshafts, they found the Ford Roller camshaft
only made better power at 6-8 degrees retarded. But if you set you camshaft
at this you will have a very bad idle. The bottom line is that camshaft was
never made for the 2.3 EFI turbo street motor, that is why it does not work
good. You would find more power with a stock 1985.5-1986 SVO camshaft, then
the FMS roller. We have the only street roller grind for the 2.3 EFI turbo
motor. Upto 330 ft lbs of torque @ 3200 and over 330 hp @ 5850 on 94 octane
pump gas. At the tail pipe you will find H/Cs under 30 and C/Os well under
.40. Have not seen better numbers then that sofar.