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[Svo] Turbo go BOOM? {1}

Hi All
All of a sudden lots of grey/ black smoke pours
out the tail pipe and car runs like S**T.

I don`t suppose this could be blamed on the TFI? (just kidding). Changed
the TFI today,
it didn`t solve The problem Above ^ but  did
notice one of the bolts was loose.

could this be ANYTHNG other the turbo?
There didn`t appear to be any obvious
cause to these symptoms i.e.: headgasket,
loose Intercooler hoses...

Does anyone have a good 85 1/2 -86 turbo
to sell/trade? Any suggestions on where/what
Turbo to buy new? Dave C. how much was the
ported manifold you were offering?

Murphy`s law states: If your gonna move
350 miles away your turbo will blowup
at the 11th hour. FUN!