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[Svo] Show Judging Question {5}

At 01:33 PM 10/25/97 -0500, rumoving@bellsouth.net wrote:
>Tim Smith wrote:
>>    The visors were part of an option group
>> i.e. lighted velour visors were part of a light group option etc.
>Thanks,..I have some the original dealer info...I'll try to research
>this. This is starting to solve a long going riddle that few of us
>around here were wondering about.
>Bud Morton
>86 (2R)
>85 (4E) 

Once the lighted visors -- and all of the lighted visors are cloth --
became standard -- even the sunroof cars (that for whatever reason had the
vinyl headliner) had the cloth, lighted visors.

Example 1: Early '84 (power door locks, manual windows, cloth seats,
sunroof, no lighted visors) has vinyl headliner, has vinyl visors, but
"catch" towards the center of the windshield.

Example 2: '86 (everything standard, cloth seats, sunroof, lighted visors)
has vinyl headliner, has lighted cloth visors, and includes the "catch"
towards the center of the windshield.

Having vinyl headliner with cloth visors is confusing, but not wrong.

There's nothing to really research -- 

Non-lighted visors matched the headliner -- either vinyl (with sunroof) or
cloth (no sunroof).

Lighted visors were all cloth. 

All sunroof cars were vinyl headliners. 

All non-sunroof cars had cloth headliners.

When lighted visors became standard -- or if you ordered them optionally as
part of the lighting group, you got cloth lighted visors with your vinyl

I believe this to be the truth.

Jim Dvorak
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