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[Svo] Clutch Problems {2}(FIXED) {1}

Well, it was the clutch disc. It totally disintigrated, there was no material
on one side and the other side was missing a large chunk and all of the
material was broken up and on the bottom of the bellhousing. No damage at all
to the flywheel(surprising). I still think there is a flaw here somewhere.
Car is all better now.  The funny thing was that the only noise it made was a
single "POP" nothing else, so first thought is that the cable broke until you
realize that if the cable broke, the pedal should be on the floor. Anyway,
for future reference, if this situation happens to you, you will know what it
is. I am sure someone else will go through it, Bug Bug has had it happen
twice, me, once. The disc did not look like a ford part so beware of the
aftermarket discs>this could be the problem. Thanks for all the responses to
my post.

Bright Red 86 (happily motoring again)