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[Svo] Show Judging Question {6}

At 06:45 PM 10/25/97 -0400, SVO8ntno50@aol.com wrote:
>Another question regarding what is right or wrong is why is it that some
>SVO's have the fuzzy glove box and others do not?? My 86 does not have a
>fuzzy liner and I spoke with Tim whose 86 also does not have one. Is there a
>break off in years where they stopped putting these in??
>Thanks, Paul 


You also just told me you had an '84 headliner, no sunroof, was vinyl. Any
idea actual build date? It could be -- as with many other discrepancies
that we find -- that they were "built wrong" or "used what was available."
Simple concepts.

As far as the glove boxes, the '84s had the fuzzy gloveboxes. I believe the
85s did not. The 85.5 and 86s did not.

Now remember that some of this minutia we're talking about are what could
be considered production run changes -- not featured equipment changes. 

A more recent example would be the side scoops on the SN95 Mustangs -- at
some point during 1996 production they started using side scoops that were
"non-functional" -- not that blowing a little air on the tires was really
functional -- which is all they actually did -- SVT said "if we can't make
air ducts to the brakes, then we don't want them" -- so they changed it
throughout the Mustang lineup -- again, at some point during 1986.

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