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[Svo] Need info. on changing roller cam timing {3}

Thanks everybody for the info., but I forgot to ask some other items.

What the difference, performance wise, between the stock 86 cam and the
roller cam?

Emissions.  There I've said it.  Now, what would be a good setting to use
for emissions testing?  I will need to pass the IM240 test.  

BTW a little FYI for those people in the Northern VA area are supposed to
test  to the IM240 sometime soon.  The change over was supposed to take
place on Oct. 9 but it has been pushed back till Dec. or Jan..  This isn't
same as the sniff the tailpipe at idle test.  They pull the vehicle onto a
chassis dyno and sample the emissions during a 2min driving trace.  They
predict alot of failures, particularly w/ nitrogen based emissions.

Carl Haines
86 SVO