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[Svo] That darn faulty BAP sensor {3}

>   Replacing the BAP with a MAP is legal?  I thought this would screw
> even moore (I put my SVO BAP on a Tempo - that was interesting.) I have
> actually have  a  spare...I should swap them again.
> _eric

After I made the swap and found it worked, I called my local Ford dealer
and asked him to pull up the MAP/BAP part numbers for my 84 pickup and 86
SVO.  The numbers matched,  they are the same part!  I bet my PU and SVO
use the same TPS.  They at least look the same.
It did take a number of warm up cycles for the EEC to fully recover.  I'm
assuming this was due to bad data remaining in the longterm mixture
offsets. (I never reset the EEC.)
This interchangability of parts is one of the reasons why I have stuck w/
Fords.  Although to a limited extent, but a few possible swaps are
available when I am trying to eliminate possible problems.

Carl Haines
86 SVO
84 Ranger 4X
95 Contour V6 (This ones too different to borrow parts from)