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[Svo] Codes on 87 TC {2}

On the code 21 did you get sensor with white top and brass bottem or the
black plastic one the reason i am asking is that ford and the afftermarket
had prolbmems with crimpping the top on so some of the sensors were bad
right out of the box ford were bad from 84-95 they had tsb out on this you
can read the date code on the side of them napa sells the black plastic one
now bucase the had prolbems brass one but you might have got one of the old
ones ect sensor at 176F Resistance should be 3940ohm volt0.75 at 194f
resistance 2800ohm volt 0.06 the wire color is lt-green-yellow check ohm
across sensor code 25 is easy to check for take a small hammer about a 8oz
and tap around the knock sensor if the engine want stumble while you are
tapping that means that the sensor is working and it is rerdaring the
timming code 34 is the egr make sure that there vac when you snap the
throtle and do you have evp sensor witch is one the egr sensor and it is
white or gray or do you have pfe sensor it is not on the egr vavle th old
white evp sensors ford had a lot of prolmbes with it they went to the gray
or black one pfe sensor loves to get moister in this one a easey check on
this one is to pull it off and shake it and if water comes out it bad code
77 you did not goose it at the right time
Duane Werner 
10 year master ase auto tech
P.S my splling sucks
> I have an 87 TC and checked the codes that came up on my scanner. The
>codes I got were,21,25,34,and 77.Now  21 I know is a code for the Engine
>Coolant Temperature sensor. I don't know why this would come up when I
>just replaced it (NAPA Part) last month. Any ideas ??  Code 25 is stating
>that the Knock Sensor was not detected during the test. I've had this
>come up before but didn't pay any attention to it because it was replaced
>also about three months ago (FORD Part). I checked the connector and
>everything seems connected. Code 34 is stating there is Insufficient EGR
>Flow. Before I bought this car a year ago, Ford replaced the EGR and
>Catalytic Converter  for factory recalls. Could this EGR valve be bad
>already? I will be taking the Intake off this Sunday to put in
>another(see you Sat. SS) set of injectors. Is there any particular thing
>I should look into while the majority of that stuff is off ? Last but not
>least, I had a code 77 come up which is "Wide Open throttle not sensed
>during test " . What is this mean ? Does this have anything to do with
>the TPS Sensor ? I would appreciate anybody's response. Like I've said, I
>have seen a couple of these codes before and let them go but now the car
>is having problems with idling. When at a stoplight, the car all the
>sudden will start a rough idle. Almost like it has a popping sound to it.
>It doesn't surge up or down, just flat out drops a couple hundred rpm's
>at a time. I'm going to buy a new TFI from one of the guys on the list
>pretty soon, because from what I've read this piece causes a lot of
>similar problems without showing codes. I appreciate any body's time that
>will respond.
>  J.House