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[Svo] Turbo go BOOM? {3}

On Sat, 25 Oct 1997, Tim Smith wrote:

> The fuel pressure reg. was changed about
> 3 months ago,but will check it.
doubt it would be a fp prob....

> The car ran great at startup, until I drove it
> about a mile then It was impossible to accelerate very much because it
> would
> just stop GULP! so I feathered the gas
> to get upto speed. 
> about 3 miles up the road it started to run
> real bad & blow lots of gray/black smoke.
Damn, what took me so long to come up with this...if you wanna see if your
turbo is the prob, pull off the compressor inlet and see if the impeller
wobbles around int he housing.  if it wobbles alot, the turbo is bad, if
it doesn't wobble alot, it could go either way.  but if the compressor
side of the turbo is leaking, the oil on the inlet and stuff will be kinda
swirled.  if the inlet is jus dripping and stuff, its most likely comin in
thru the PCV.

> The car runs better at higher rpm`s than at idle.
> It sounds like the turbo is still working...
> can hear it good with 3 inch exh. (no screeching
> or grinding noises) but it still gulps bad & blows smoke. 
thats just it.  I could hear mine "tinkling" on the merkur with a full
exhaust, and on the pinto, full exhaust.
Like i said, wouldn't be suprised if you did blow a head gasket or crack a

                               Thanks!!!! Tim

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