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[Svo] Need info. on changing roller cam timing {4}

>BTW a little FYI for those people in the Northern VA area are supposed to
>test  to the IM240 sometime soon.  The change over was supposed to take
>place on Oct. 9 but it has been pushed back till Dec. or Jan..  This isn't
>same as the sniff the tailpipe at idle test.  They pull the vehicle onto a
>chassis dyno and sample the emissions during a 2min driving trace.  They
>predict alot of failures, particularly w/ nitrogen based emissions.

        WARNING!  We here in PA just got a similar test to the IM240.  It is
also a dyno test.  Since it started on Oct 1st, I have heard of 7, that's
right, 7 cars that have been damaged by this test.  One car blew the trans
while on the dyno (a Mercury Topaz) and the other 6 fell off the dyno.  They
sprung this test on the stations, and the mechanics are not properly trained
to operate a dyno.  My friend works at a dealer that has the new machine,
and NOONE had to go to a class to learn to operate the machine.  When it was
installed, someone came out, handed them an instruction manual, and gave
them a 15 minute demo.  That's it!  Half the mechanics in that shop still
can't operate it.  One of the fall off, and the tranny blow were at this
shop.  The instructions for the machine specify that the side stops be set
approx 1 foot to each side of the wheels.  ONE FOOT!  If the car starts to
veer to the side, by time it gets a foot away from where it started, it has
enough momentum to jump the stop and fall off the side.  This is exactly
what is happening.  So, just a warning.  If you have this test done, inspect
your car carefully when done for damage, because if it falls off, they
probobly won't tell you, and by time the damage reveals itself, it will be
too late to do anything about it.  Just another example of our government
hard at work (or is that "hardly working") :)