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List members!!!

A call to arms against Turbo Magazine's "left coast" pandering to imported
turbo cars, while ignoring our cars' racing heritage, and Joe's racing

Read the thread, from top to bottom.

> From: joseph edward morgan <morgaj01@student.ucr.edu>
> To: Randy_Schiltz@notes.toyota.com; Dave Compton <DCompton@jnpcs.com>;
Cory Erickson <ericksco@mhd1.moorhead.msus.edu>; Guard, Mike K (GEAE)
<Mike.K.Guard@ae.ge.com>; Jeff McNamara <Ieisinc@aol.com>; Jim
<illusion@cibola.net>; JPC <BillRoy@connectnet.com>; Carl Morris
<Carl_Morris@StorTek.Com>; Scott Shidel <shidel@suntan.eng.usf.edu>; Turbo
<turbo@turbocharged.com>; ed zuboski <zed@csnsys.com>
> Date: Friday, October 24, 1997 10:28 PM
> I'm in Turbo again!
> Just not the way I want to be...
> This time it's good ol' Mike Ferrara talkin' trash in an editorial about
> "that Pinto..." being "over the line".
> What a puss.  It's kind of like getting into an argument with a mute --
> gets to talk, while I get to sit and read it...and not argue back.  
> Real man he is...he's nice to me at the track...then talks trash from the
> safety of the magazine...and won't publish my letter to the editor.
> It would be a real shame if the ONLY car to drive to the track and home
> was the only one to be excluded.  The only "privateer" car, the heaviest
> one in the class and the only street car...hmmm...
> Any ideas folks?

<Dave jumps in>

Directed at Mike Ferrara of Turbo magazine>

Yeah I'm thinking of;

a published boycott of Turbo magazine by the NATIONAL Turbo 2.3 Owner's

We are several hundred strong, and we're all real loudmouths at the tracks
we frequent.  There is no room in the sport for your style of "race-ism". 
I hide my Turbo license plates and hats I got from your defunct lame-o
Turbo Club of America.

Wake up Mike, your setting yourself up to look really stupid in the near
future.  I personally have had enough of you ignoring, and slighting 2.3s.

Check the headers, Mike.  I'm forwarding this entire thread to the SVO
Owners, and Thunderbird Turbo Coupe mailing lists....  Better check the
inbox frequently....

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