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[Svo] Need info. on changing roller cam timing {2}

Hey Carl,

I don't recommend it. I just tried this with my A237 roller. Aside from
the fact that it's a pretty useless cam, I have the FMS adjustable wheel
on it. Because I otherwise have a stock motor, I advanced 4 degrees last

Yes, you will see improvement in the 2-3K rpm area. That's it!!!! At 3k
rpm the motor falls flat on it's face, there's nothing at all between
3-5k. There's also been one little nasty side effect. My gas milage is
now worse that the avg Ferrari! It blows, if I don't set this back soon,
I'll go broke!

I'm gonna change my TPI & TFI this week with normal timing. Next week
I'll try retarding 4 degrees for fun. I guess that won't be enough to
see any gains from what I've heard.

I'll let you know how it goes.

(hey, I was given the A237 for free, so you can say I paid what it was

"My car's not leaking! It's marking it's territory!"
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> From:	Carl Haines [SMTP:carlh@anadigi.com]
> Sent:	Friday, October 24, 1997 10:49 PM
> Subject:	[Svo] Need info. on changing roller cam timing {1}
> I got the suggestion to advance my roller cam 4 degrees.
> Now I have to ask why?
> What effect does it have?
> What happens to the top end?
> What happens to the bottom end?
> What happens if I retard it or advance it?
> What happens with too much retard or advance?
> Any info. is appreciated.
> Carl Haines
> 86 SVO