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[Svo] Emmisions {1}

I'll be running this test on my Engle 55 cam'd 88 XR, my Engle 55 cam'd 84
SVO, and my 87 GT 5.0'd 86 Lincoln Continental, soon. The emmissions dyno
got dropped at my mechanic's (my second home) place Friday afternoon. 

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> BTW a little FYI for those people in the Northern VA area are supposed to
> test  to the IM240 sometime soon.  The change over was supposed to take
> place on Oct. 9 but it has been pushed back till Dec. or Jan..  This
> same as the sniff the tailpipe at idle test.  They pull the vehicle onto
> chassis dyno and sample the emissions during a 2min driving trace.  They
> predict alot of failures, particularly w/ nitrogen based emissions.