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[Svo] New Modem and SVO siting {1}

>Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 19:31:42
>To: SVO list
>From: Dean and Terri Rich <dtrich@golden.net>
>Subject: New Modem and SVO siting


I would like to start by thanking Dave Compton for his efforts to keep this
list a reality and restoring my daily "SVO FIX"   THANKS DAVE!!!!.

I just installed a new modem on the weekend, a new USRobotics 28,800....Now
I can download twice as fast....ARuuuHHH.....ARuuuuHH.

Now that we are on the topic of cars, A guy that I work with was in Detroit
on the weekend for some football game. He said that he seen an 86 svo that
was painted red, but what he meant was it was red... ALL RED...The spoiler
and all,I think he meant the trim too. He said that it looked pretty good
like that.

I have ported my old sytle exhaust manifold twice now. but on both ocasions
I was not able to get into the "LOG" part of the manifold to enlarge and
smooth. Besides Extrude Hone, has anybody figured out how to do that any
other way?????

Also does FORD or any other supplier sell a turbo hardware kit that would
include the gaskets,studs,bolts??