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[Svo] Engine Rebuild Parts FAQ {1}

> I now have my engine out of my car and ready to be rebuilt.
> Does anyone have any suggestions on what parts to use etc.?

I am a vendor as listed in this FAQ.  I hope no one considers this a
conflict of interest.  If you do, let's keep it off the list.

Not having done this here's my recommendations.  I've started several
times, but truthfully never had trouble with the stock short block.  My
carb'd turbo car ran 20 PSI, with no problems.

So, I will defer to Joe Morgan's recommendations. This is all my opinion. 
I've collected alot of info and have pretty good experience, but don't take
this as gospel.  If we're all doing the same thing, then our learning
process screeches to a standstill.  Also, patronize these vendors.  If you
buy it, then we will continue to be able to get it.  This includes Ford. 
You don't have to buy it from the dealer, but buy those Ford parts.  This
also includes Russ at Rapido. Nuff said.

Block, Crank, Rods, Pistons, Head = Ford
Rod bolts = ARP, *IF* you're going over 6500 rpm, otherwise stock.  

>From Joe's experiences, I've gleaned that the TRW pistons are harder than
Ford's, and break the ring lands off under severe detonation.  The Ford
pistons just melt.  This is better, really. The Ford pistions are really
cheap, too, and available in many sizes.

Head gasket:
The wammy new FelPro is supposed to be the one to have.  But it's
expensive, like over $40.
So I'll be using the Detroit brand gasket from Nick for the forseeable
future.  Joe is just now installing it.
The Fel Pro blue, is the Ford MotorSport, and stock SVO part.  The grey
Felpro is rumoured to not be so good in our application.

Valve Guides = FORD the iron type, not the aftermarket bronze type.

Valves = Stock Ford or Manley for the big ones.

Stock later SVO, or Merkur XR4ti 5 speed, or Engle TCS-55.  All good, all
NIck's stage one roller.
I don't recommend ANY other cam for the 2.3 turbo.

Head bolts or studs
Nick says studs are for people with lots of mods. But you can use them, if
they help your confidence.  They aren't gonna cure or contain detonation,

I used the new Ford bolts, cuz they were *really* cheap, and now have 6
point heads.

The odd bolts on the exhaust manifold are going to be remade by Rapido, if
there is sufficient interest.  Call them and tell them you're interested. 
We need this! Do it now!

The stainless steel gasket, and any parts of the turbo are readily
available from your favorite turbo remanufacturer.  I use Turbo Auto for
stuff like this.

The Ford Valve cover gasket is the only one to have.  It's reusable and
doesn't leak.
2.3 Valve cover gasket.  
This is the rubber and metal one, that doesn't leak.
part # F57Z-6584-A

Intake gaskets
Pro-torque p/n  MS3798
Felpro p/n  MS90266-1
Victor p/n  MS15207

2.3 cam followers
part # D8FZ6564A
you need 8.

2.3 Turbo exhaust manifold-the good one  PORT IT,  ALOT  !!!!!
part # ordered E6SE-9430-aa
part # on invoice E3ZZ-9430-A  
casting number RPE88E-9430-AA  (on part) 

Exhaust valve seals
you need 4

Intake valve seals
you need 4

2.3 little dogbone clutch cable  
Buy this part and out it in the glovebox.  It will break.

Vendor Listing:
If you can't get it from these people you don't need it. Nuff said. I've
used them all and been happy.

Rapido Group
They are moving this week, so call soon for new number and address.  Not
alot of SVO parts, but still a good source.
15930 S.W. 72nd Ave. 
Portland, OR 97224 
(503) 620-8400

Handy and cheap

Some way out there 2.3 stuff like stroker kits, etc.
ORDER LINE: 800.334.0151
TECH LINE: 904.721.2289

Beuatiful, pricey, parts.
17040 S, Hwy 11
Fair Play, S.C.   29643          

Jim Dingle
Performance Parts, Inc
Honor is his middle name
13120 Lazy Glen Court
Herndon, VA 20171-2326
Voice (703) 742-6207
FAX (703) 742-6208

Race Engineering Inc.
They make the only camshaft degree wheel to have.  It's awesome!
2602 Park Street,
Lake Worth, FL 33460
Tech Line/Sales  : 561-533-5500
24 HR FAX	: 561-533-0151
Hours: 8:30AM - 5:30PM EST M-F

Modern Performance, Inc. 
Another "good guy"
72 Oceanport Avenue
West Long Branch, New Jersey 07764

Dave Compton
Ported exh manifolds, adj FPRs, discounted Motorcraft parts
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Good Luck!
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