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[Svo] Headliners and visors {2}

At 10:12 AM 10/26/97 -0500, Dave Compton wrote:
>>> There's nothing to really research -- 
>I disagree.  We should have a survey.  Any body want to write the HTML?

Hmm... I'll let you know when it's up...I thought SVOOA was accumulating
this, but I guess not....I'll check with our regional director, Neil C --
when he gets online and sees this, he'll probably de-bunk and trash me. :-)

>>>Non-lighted visors matched the headliner -- either vinyl (with sunroof)
or cloth (no sunroof).

Never seen otherwise. But you're talking '84 -- an you're probably right
because they made production run changes. 

One early (October with traction bars) '84 SVO I know with a sunroof, vinyl
headliner, and non-lighted vinyl visors without the catch. (This perticular
car also has power door locks, the textured lower body coating, but manual

One other early (early December, with traction bars) '84 SVO I know without
a sunroof, cloth headliner, and non-lighted cloth visors without(?--not
sure) the catch.

>>>> All non-sunroof cars had cloth headliners.
>My December 84 SVO had vinyl visors, a vinyl headliner, and no sunroof, and
>no "catch" for the visors.

Oh -- a Mistake I made -- Dang, that never happened before -- I think early
'84 cars may have had vinyl everything, sunroof or not. But you had the
correct "no catch" visors -- which are a pain.

Dave, Does your '84 SVO have quad shocks or traction bars?

Rembember...early '84 cars they changed stuff on the trim especially, as
illustrated in this discussion... especially since everything was an option.

SVO was rushing so hard to get production rolling, plans they had for this
or that couldn't be implemented until AFTER production started. And since
they were a production line that had to use whatever they had at some
times. There's no set cutoff point for trim item changes. But there is what
is referred to (among some of us SVO owners) as a "1984-1/2 SVO" -- one
with quad shocks, and other standard equipment.

They even had plans for a DOHC head -- but obviously the project got killed.

Jim Dvorak
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