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[Svo] Hertz SVO? {2}

DAve wrote:
> >Bud Morton
> >86 SVO 2R (featured in Mustang Monthly 9-97 issue)
> >85 SVO 4E (former Hertz rent-a-car, undergoing restoration)
> >94 Cobra #1506
> Bud, quite a collection.  :-)  What's the story behind your 85 being a
> Hertz rental car?  I never new they rented SVOs.

No problem...here's what I know about the 85 I own.

I bought it from a guy in North Atlanta (Tom B.)

He had bought it from a guy in Macon,Ga just a few months prior.

Tom said the seller was going to 'trade' the SVO in (to a dealership) on
a new car (yikes).
Tom's point of view was to grab the SVO before that happen..preventing
it from ending up in the hands of a Non-SVO enthusiest....and sell it to
someone who could appreciate it for what it is. I hope I'm one of those
guys :) Tom had no idea that the dark sage color (4E) was a low
production color. Nor, at the time he bought it, knew it was a Hertz
Rental car. 

When I bought the SVO...it was a 'running and driving SVO' with 84k
miles. I actually drove it home from Atlanta (about 200 miles). Ran like
a champ!! Everything was there...all original equipment in place. Only
problem was everything was completely worn (paint and interior). It
looked as if the car had sat outside and baked. All of the panit is
'spiderwebed' cracked and has to be striped. All of the interior was
faded, worn, and cracked...nothing will be reused except for the
steering wheel (rewraped). The windshield has only a small square blue
spot left on it (from a military post decal) the rest of the tint is
completely faded out. When I took the car apart, I found golf tees from
Eglin AFB, Fla. in the spare tire well. I have a receipt from Fla also,
when some front struts were bought for it. Original spare (unmolested)
was still there. All of the glass (windshield, doors, sunroof) have the
VIN acid burned into it...Tom thought Hertz might have done this.

Now...the Hertz stuff...

In the center console is where Tom found this stuff.

Original paperwork (maintenance worksheet or 'shop repair order') from a
Hertz Rental Co. showing a list of items replaced or fix.
ie: rear speaker, wiper arm assembly, cooling fan relay, left side fog
light, adjust emergency brake cable. Other info on this sheet
is..Location (Hous.) ..houston office. Mileage at the time of
repairs..26K. Date of repairs 1-5-87. License plate # 880-GFJ Tx.In the
top left hand corner of the repair order is hand written "customer car"
and circled. I believe this was work done when the car was sold to an
individual as a "used rental car" This sheet was inside of a folder,
that has the VIN on the outside and labeled "HERTZ LIMITED WARRANTY
KIT"..."Hertz Car Sales"

Another piece of paperwork was a Hertz Car Sales pamphlet. It has listed
3 locations where you can buy a "Hertz Rental Used Car" in the Houston
area. List the 24 month/24k mile warranty plan and on the back is a list
of "quaility used rental cars" prices!! they are:

FORD:             1985

Escort: 4699.00
Mustang GT: 8350.00
Mustang SVO: 9199.00
LTD 4Dr: 6599.00
Tempo: 5799.00
T-bird: 7999.00
T-bird Turbo: 8899.00
C. Vic Wgn: 7999.00

FORD                 1986

LTD: 7899.00
T-bird: 9499.00
Crown Vic: 11999.00
Taurus: 11299.00 

This piece has a print date listed in the corner of 9-86

I haven't tried to do any futher research into the car's history as of
yet. Trying to get it to it's former beauty has been my main priority
for the past few months. Which, I hope will be done in time for next
years Grand National show. I'm not restoring the SVO to Concours, but
rather show it as an Occasional Driver...I want to drive and enjoy this
one a bit more.

Bud Morton
86 (2R)
85 (4E)