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[Svo] 85 1/2 SVO FOR SALE! {1}

Hi All 
   Time to advertise this cool 85 1/2 SVO
again. I know there are several people
coming to see but just in case...

1985 1/2 SVO jalapenio red, 74 kmi.,leather,
straight body,good int.,runs great,ported/polish head, big valves,42
lbs. inj,new turbo, Needs: windshield,brake work,exh. work,tires, &
LOTS of potential !!!!  ONLY 439 MADE!!
$2900 FIRM & worth more.
Pics. of this car can be seen on Dave Compton`s home page. His site
is on all his posts.

I`ll be moving and won`t be able to respond
till later in the week. The car is staying in 
Philly, Pa.
                                  Thanks!  Tim