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[Svo] Vinyl 84 Headliner falling down {1}

Hey folks,
	I'm driving to work today in my Nov. 1984 SVO, and I notice the
headliner sagging and falling in.  
	First, how to fix this?
	Second, are new headliners still available.  

	And yes, my vinyl visors are loose and move, and they also have
left a mark on the metal trim at the top of the winshield from sticking
there the first 9 years I had the car out in the weather.
	If not for the surprise of the headliner sagging on my head, I
really enjoyed my drive to work today.  Perfect intercooler weather.
	And my rear diff. no longer leaks due to a new pinion seal.
	Just waiting to get a new single exhaust, either Borla (hello Jim)
or another flowmaster 2 chamber center inlet (better for turbos, they told
me) with a Walker dual tip.

Jon Bekenstein
84 SVO, 1C, Leather