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[Svo] What is this turbo? {2}

Chris Costanzo wrote:
>         Hi Everyone,
>   I was digging through my parts pile looking for a turbo for Tim.  Well, I
> found one that is confusing.  My other 2 turbo's say Garret on the
> compresser housing, and one said AR .60 (couldn't read the other one too
> well since it's still on the motor).  This turbo is a water cooled unit and
> the compresser housing is marked AR .63, but it also has a tag on it.  The
> tag says Garret, but has a Ford part#, and the housing says Air Research.
> What the hell is this thing?  The part#'s are   E3ZE-9G438-AF     465978-5
> MF3765.   Is this one of the upgrade turbo's that Motorsport offered a few
> years ago, or is it just a replacement turbo?  Any ideas?
>                                                         Bug Bug

E4ZZ-9G438-D  is the official Ford part number. ALL service replacements
units from Ford were water-cooled. The early cars used the 0.63 A/R
turbine housing and hte 1985 (sometime in) and later used a 0.48 turbine
housing. All cars used a 0.60 trim compressor hsg.

I like the 0.63 turbine hsg cause it provides significantly less exhaust
restriction in the upper airflow range (but the down side is slower
response in the lower airflow range).

-Mike Fleming