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[Svo] Your 84 SVO - Injectors {2}

> With all the modifications you have done to your 84 SVO, ported and
> polished heads, Engle Cam, etc. Are you still running the stock
> injectors?
> Also what computer chip letter are you running "P',  "PE"?

When I had the head off and was porting it, after accomplishing 3/4s of the
porting, I found a carck in my exhaust valve seat, so the head on there now
is a stock 86 XR head.  The exhaust manifold is still hogged out, and the
intake is opened up a little at the juncture with the head.  The Engle cam
is in this head, I just swapped it over using the same respective

Stock injectors with a stock computer, whatever that is. 17 PSI.  Best of
14.95 at 91.3

All of this will change soon.  I finaggled a 88 Turbo Coupe downpipe and
cat, and I'm going to use 2.5" pip into my current Flowmaster, and a 2.5"
mandrel bent tailpipe, that I also horsetraded my way into.
Then track testing.
Then 42 lb injectors and my adjustable FPR.
Then more track testing

Pray for sunny weekends.
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