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[Svo] SVO WHEEL REFINISH & door hinge kits {1}

OK all,

I think I beat Paul to getting my wheels done by Stu at Wheel Worx. I
picked up the first two of my wheels the other day. They are simply
AUSOME!!!! I wouldn't be able to tell them apart from new if I didn't
know it.

	There's been discussion as to weather or not the wheels were
clear-coated. I think some where, some were not depending on production
run. Mine defiantly were. About 1/4 of it had peeled off. Oh, I bought
my car w/ 15" Enkies on it (Blasphemy, I know) I picked up my SVO wheels
from a guy at Carlisle that claimed that the parts car they came off of
had sat in a barn in PA for 10 years. Maybe so, but none of the trashed
tires matched and two wheels were much more worn than the other two. 

I specifically asked for the original lathe work to be reproduced. They
don't look like some of the bead blasted wheels I've seen that have lost
the pattern. Actually a lot of the wheels I've seen have lost this just
from age and washing. My worst wheel had a slightly bent 2 inch section
along the edge and a 4 inch gouge in the face that could not be buffed
out (deep enough to run a quarter into). He cut down the wheel enough to
smooth the area and related the pattern in. I didn't mark the wheel that
had the gouge and now I can't tell which one it was! The slightly bent
lip is long gone too. All my wheels were scored around the bolt pattern
because past owners had set them face down on concrete.

I dropped off the 2nd two when I picked up the 1st two. To see them next
to each other was amazing. Stu also clear coats the wheels and
recommends only car wash soap to clean them. He mentioned that dish
washing soap's degreasers will break down the clearcoat.

I haven't seen the polished version yet but I don't doubt that they're
very cool!

(They'll look great on Paul's low ridin' boomin' 4 inch exhaust tip
havin' SVO heheheh)
(Ok, so he's returning it to stock from the past owner's butcher job, I
just like picking on Paul. I hope he doesn't mind) Actually, Hats off to
Paul for finding and greasing the wheels on this deal. It's the people
like Paul that keep me on the SVO mailing list!!!!! 

I recommend this for anyone with our wheels. I've been entertaining
getting my done for a while now. No one I talked to would touch them for
under a $100+ a piece. Oh, Stu also disposed of the old tires for me
(for free) and is going to get me a price on new ones (he says he can
get great deals) but I'm broke for a while and they'll come in the

Thanks again Paul,

`84 w/ barn 

OH... PS the Door hinge kits that Paul has offered us are pretty high
quality and have cotter pin holes to make the next bushing swap about a
5 min. job! I'll put these on my car in the next few weeks. I also
suggest these.

> OK guys, I have finalized this deal and we are ready to roll. For
> those of
> you who are out of the area, If you send him your wheels without
> tires, he
> will restore the wheels back to factory finish for $75 including the
> return
> shipping. He can fix any curb damage or gouges but it will cost extra
> and
> that cost is determined by how bad the damage is(any minor scratches
> will be
> fixed at no additional charge). If you want to take advantage of this
> deal,
> Email me and I will give you all the info needed.( I am dropping off
> my
> wheels this week but mine are being polished).
> Paul