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[Svo] Vinyl 84 Headliner falling down {3}

I also have tried this, but ended up at my wife's favorite fabric store.
They sell vinyl table cloth material.  The shade matched pretty well,
and just used the 3M spray and presto a new headliner for a cost of
about $20.00 (material was only $5, spray was $15+).  

The original headliner has a tendency to shrink and you'll never get it
to hold or look right, so I went the cheap way (some of the shops wanted
over $100 just for the material).

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> From: 	Mike Ray[SMTP:Mike.Ray@skycell.com]
> Sent: 	Monday, October 27, 1997 1:01 PM
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> Subject: 	[Svo] Vinyl 84 Headliner falling down {2}
> Jon...
> Uh, I've had good luck with the 3M spray adhesive that's available at
> most good auto stores. I did this on my `79 w/ vinyl headliner. You've
> got to totally remove the liner and cardboard from the car out the
> hatch. Peel the rest of the liner off the cardboard and roll it up.
> Spray about the first 2 feet then start to unroll it back on the
> cardboard a couple of feet at a time.
> Mikey
> `84