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[Svo] What do I have {1}

Some of this I've posted before but I don't know who got it. I'm posting
it again because I have the below mentioned "C" hose sitting in my
garage that I can't use. It's obsolete and I'm sure someone out there
with a 2.3 can use it. I just haven't a clue what it's for. If you have
a 2.3 other than SVO, it may fit your car. Check and see. It was listed
as an inlet or outlet heater hose for a 2.3 turbo w/ ac I think. I'll
sell it at cost w/ free shipping if anyone wants it 

--"Weird" shaped heater hose, PN???
> E3ZZ-18472-E
> E is the important part here. All the hoses have the same p/n with the
> exception of the last letter.
> I picked one up from a dealer in WV. They're still out there in
> quantity.
> I also picked up a "C" E3ZZ-18472-C in the quest to find the correct
> hose. This is also obsolete. I ran through about 5 different parts
> giving me different p/n's  :-)  I haven't a clue what it fits but it
> be `83 without an oil cooler and I/C????? If you know please let me
> know. I'd like to sell it to someone that can use it.
> oh, FYI
> F2ZZ-14A088-A is the correct part number to get the new `93 up coil
> cover. It's slightly different than the orrig. but it's pretty and
> Take care,
> Mike
> `84