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[Svo] SVO WHEEL REFINISH & door hinge kits {2}

Here's the info again from Paul's EMail. If you're local it's outside Of
Glen Burnie (Baltimore, opps sorry Balmore for the locals)


Mike, I talked with wheel worx and got a deal for us. He will refinish
factory specs the SVO wheels for $75 each. this is for our group only.

The address for Wheel Worx, Inc. is:
8213 Front Cloverleaf Drive
Millersville, Maryland  21108
Phone: 1-888-969-7282

Use my name(Paul Becker) as a reference so that he knows the deal you
referring to. 

> Mike,
>   What was Stu's final price per wheel?  Where is he located?!
>   -kenny